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  • Northern High Plains Region
    Northern High Plains Region

    A prairie oasis

You don’t have to travel far in South Dakota to get back to the good ol’ days. The Northern Plains of Western South Dakota is comprised of more than a dozen ranch communities whose residents pride themselves on the true Old West. Things like cowboy heritage, and dinosaur fossils.


Buffalo, located in the extreme northwest corner of South Dakota, is known for endless scenery and clear skies. From the rolling prairies to the buttes of Cave Hills, it is home to diverse wildlife such as eagles, turkeys, coyotes, antelope, deer, elk and mountain lions.

Overnight visitors can choose from three motels and dine at several restaurants. If you're looking for a horse-riding vacation, check out nearby ranches that offer campsites, corrals and miles of scenic trails. Buffalo is 160 miles north of Rapid City at the junction of US Hwy. 85 and SD Hwy. 20.



Faith, "Home of SUE, the Most Complete T-Rex Ever Discovered," is unique. A prairie oasis in the heart of South Dakota's northwest with thousands of miles of vast prairie. Dense grasses, colored sporadically with flowers of the earth and garnished with an array of wildlife. Faith is an opportunity to explore and discover the West. The "faith" that brought the homesteaders to the area in the early 1900s is as steadfast today as it was then. The "kin" of those pioneers carry on with the same spirit.


Lemmon is a full-service community including parks, campgrounds, tennis courts, a swimming pool, nine-hole golf course, motels and restaurants. Shadehill Recreation Area with its 100 miles of shoreline offers excellent fishing, hunting and camping. The area is rich in upland and big game hunting including pheasant, grouse, deer and antelope.