Welcome to the Black Hills Renaissance Festival, brave souls!

The winds of change bloweth favorably upon us as we announce the grand relocation of the esteemed Black Hills Renaissance Festival to the illustrious grounds of Recreational Springs Resort!

Journey back in time to the glory days of knights, kings, and lords. Our Festival is a fantastical journey that brings to life the era of the Renaissance with a Fantasy Flair! Experience music and entertainment that will transport you to a different realm.

Venture into the Village Shoppes - Step into the village shoppes to discover something beautiful and unique. Admire the incredible artisan demonstrations featuring the skilled craftsmanship of various blacksmiths, potters, and jewelry makers.

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    Ren Fest Knight
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    Ren Fast Attendees

A Step Back In Time

Indulge in a Feast Fit for Royalty - Enjoy an array of delectable food and drink options, including locally made ale, mead, and wine. Savor rich flavors and aromas that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
Jousting, the Most Daring of Games. The Order of Epona is coming, and they are bringing their best knights to test their mettle in a brave and dangerous competition full of romance and chivalry.

Ready thyself, brave adventurers! The Black Hills Renaissance Festival is an enchanting experience that you will cherish forever – a time when legends come to life and dreams become reality!

Engage in Festive Merrymaking

A world where art, culture, and mirth meet:

  • Artisan Demonstrations: Be enchanted by the skillful hands of blacksmiths, potters, and jewelers.
  • Royal Feasts: Feast like a king on dishes that are as rich in flavor as they are in history.
  • Jousting & More: Experience the thrill of knights clashing in a tournament of honor and skill, followed by music and dance that will transport you to another era.
  • Treasure Hunting: Stroll through our Village Shoppes for unique finds and exquisite handcrafted goods.