Black Hills National Forest is home to the monumental Mount Rushmore and some of South Dakota’s most intriguing and historic locales. It encompasses the legendary town of Deadwood, best known for the exploits of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Now Deadwood is maintained as both a colorful vestige of the Old West and a first-rate family vacation area that includes both modern campgrounds and gaming casinos.
The trails offer a wide range of difficulty while you are surrounded in magnificent scenery. Usually there are 6 trails available each day. Three trails (green/red/yellow) are for all Trail Rated Jeeps while the 3 more difficult trails (purple/blue/black) require Jeeps with more capable equipment specific to each trail. Purple trail requires 33” tires and 1 locking differential, Blue trail requires 35” tires and 1 locking differential (preferable 2 lockers), Black requires 37” tires and 2 hard lockers with a winch that works. The difficult Black Hills trails have lots of rock crawling from mild to extreme, while the Trail Rated trails have a nice mix of canyons and vistas. We truly have trails for everyone plus you will enjoy trail guides who couldn’t be more skilled and friendly.