Welcome to the heart of adventure and freedom in South Dakota! The Black Hills and Badlands are not just magnificent to behold but a playground for off-road enthusiasts. With one of the most extensive motorized trail systems nestled within a National Forest, this destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty and exhilarating experience. Buckle up as we dive into the world where the rubber meets the rugged roads.


Trailblazers' Paradise

What sets the Black Hills and Badlands apart? Imagine over 3,600 miles of open roads and trails specifically designated for off-highway vehicles (OHV). The area caters to adventurers of all kinds, from motorcycle maestros to ATV aficionados. With 21 motorized trailheads and a mix of single-track, narrow-width, and all-access trails, this destination is a mecca for off-roaders. Loop trails and ample parking spaces ensure that your off-road adventure is as seamless as it is thrilling.

Motorized Trail Permits

Motorized Trail Permits

A Black Hills Motorized Trail Permit is required to access the SD portion of the motorized trail system and when riding an unlicensed OHV on a forest road designated “open to all vehicles.” Permits are available as a seven-day consecutive pass ($20) or an annual pass ($25). Prices are subject to change.

Festivals on Four Wheels

The Black Hills and Badlands come alive with events that celebrate the spirit of off-road riding. Imagine the roar of engines at rallies, the community of fellow riders at festivals, and the shared stories at seasonal gatherings. These events not only highlight the thrill of off-road adventures but also bring together a community of enthusiasts eager to explore the terrain and make lasting memories.

Supporting Adventures and Amenities

A journey through the Black Hills and Badlands is supported by a cast of local businesses, from cozy accommodations for a good night's rest to expert tour guides who can elevate your off-road experience. Fancy a break from the trails? Nearby towns offer a peek into local history, cuisine, and culture, making every moment off your vehicle as enriching as those spent on it.

Rules & Regulations

In South Dakota, state motorcycle law governs ATVs and UTVs.

  • On-the-road drivers need a licensed OHV, must be 14 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s license.
  • ATV/UTV use is strictly prohibited on the interstate highway system at all times.
  • Eye protection is required for ATV/UTV operators on all public roads unless a windshield is in place.
  • Helmets are advised for all ATV/UTV operators and riders on all roads. Helmets are required by law for anyone under 18.
  • Operators on roads must be able to provide registration and proof of insurance.

There is no minimum age or license requirement for off-road drivers on trails. However, please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on age and size requirements.

The forest is closed to cross-country travel except for the open roads and motorized trails, as shown on the free Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).

ATVs/UTVs may be used on most roads and highways as long as they are registered and licensed. If you live in a state where ATVs/UTVs cannot be licensed for road use, you may not ride on roads in South Dakota unless you obtain a special road travel permit, available at any county courthouse in South Dakota.

Forever 605 - Ride Responsibly

Motorized vehicle operators are responsible for knowing and abiding by OHV travel regulations. Minimize your impact on the environment when you ride by traveling responsibly, respecting others' rights, educating yourself, and avoiding sensitive areas.

For tips on riding ethically and responsibly, visit Tread Lightly!

The Call of the Wild Awaits

Now that we've revved up your interest, the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota await your tracks. Whether you're seeking the thrill of narrow trails, the beauty of rugged landscapes, or the warmth of a community of fellow riders, this destination promises adventures that will etch into your memories forever. Grab your gear, get that permit, and join us in the unparalleled realm of off-road riding. The trails are calling, and endless adventures await.