Astronomy and Night Sky Viewing in Badlands National Park | Black Hills & Badlands - South Dakota
  • Badlands Astronomy Festival | Black Hills
    Astronomy and Night Sky Viewing in Badlands National Park

    Witness the stars & galaxies like never before

With its relatively remote location out on the western plains of South Dakota, the clarity of the Milky Way Galaxy, stars and satellites as seen from Badlands National Park is amazing. The dark night skies out here aren't muddled by light pollution coming from any nearby city and it seems only fitting that one might experience such a night sky experience in an already other-worldly landscape like the Badlands. On any given night, one camping under the stars could see over 7,500 stars in the Badlands night sky. 

During the summer the park even offers up a Night Sky Program on Friday - Monday nights at the Cedar Pass Campground Amphitheater. Here park rangers and volunteers can showcase and share all the sky beholds like constellations, nebulae, planets and stars during the 60-minute program. Telescopes are provided by Badlands National Park through their park partners. Over the past three years the park has also held the Badlands Astronomy Festival at the end of July which brings together space science professionals, astronomers, educators and anyone with an interest in the moon and stars for a weekend of traveling the universe through lectures, stories and star-gazing. 


Badlands Paleontology

Badlands Paleontology

About 75 million years ago a shallow sea covered the Great Plains region.

Bicycling the Badlands

Bicycling Badlands | Black Hills

Badlands National Park provides many rides for road or fat-tire bicyclists 

Badlands Loop State Scenic Byway

Badlands Loop Scenic Byway | Black Hills

This two-lane state highway is considered one of the nation's most scenic drives.

Badlands Photography

Photographing the Badlands | Black Hills

Badlands National Park is a photographers dream subject as the play of light and color on the weathered buttes, spires and valleys provides endless angles to explore. 

Winter in Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is open year-round with easy access. 

Junior Ranger Program at Badlands National Park

The Junior Ranger Program is for kids and youth who enjoy adventure, exploring, nature and history. Being a Junior Ranger means making a special promise to help take care of national parks and the life that lives there.

GPS Adventures at Badlands National Park

Are you looking for a park adventure? Download the GPS Adventure Activity Book from the website below and use it to navigate to points of interest such as trails, natural features in the park and much more.

Backcountry Camping at Badlands National Park

Backcountry camping in the Badlands allows the traveler to be faced with peace, serenity and a firsthand look at the dynamics of nature. But before you venture into the wilderness, here are a few things to know: