Thinking about spending an extra day in the Black Hills and Badlands? If you’re on the fence about heading back home or saying, “why not?” to your inner adventurer, we’re here to help.

Much like a three-day weekend, a single day in any one of these regions might be the exposure you need to plan an entire vacation for the next time around. But you’ll never know unless you try.

Check out these suggested activities from select regions that can be done in one day – they’re oh-so fun, and oh-so practical!  It’s time to make spontaneity your reality.

Get ready to spend one more day in…

Devils Tower

Devils Tower Country & Sundance, WY

A spectacular “add-on,” Devils Tower National Monument and its surrounding prairie is a trip in itself, but even though it’s in Wyoming, it’s so easy to add to your South Dakota vacation. It truly is that close!

The Monument is impressive in photos alone but checking it out in person is one of the greatest favors you’ll ever do for yourself.

After the trip to the Monument, or even before, depending on which direction you are traveling, be sure to explore other adventures in the Black Hills of Wyoming. Visit Sundance, WY, to learn more about the Sundance Kid’s namesake and explore the Crook County Museum. You could spend the entire day enjoying Western history in the museum and art gallery at Hulett, or at Keyhole State Park near Moorcroft. While you’re in the region, check out the Serenity Trail in Newcastle. The Black Hills of Wyoming and the surrounding region is a relaxing, scenic place, and a wonderful area to spend one more day in!


Northern High Plains Region

If you’re looking to add a relaxing, outdoorsy day to your trip, the Northern High Plains region is a hidden haven. This region is easy to spend a whole day in if you are interested in lounging by the water, fishing, or boating. This region is home to two state recreation areas, Rocky Point State Recreation Area, and Shadehill State Recreation Area.

Wind Cave

Southern Hills Region

After a trip to the Crazy Horse Memorial®, it’s time to take the vacation farther south. The Southern Hills are home to a natural paradise with some small-town fun added to the mix. In one day, it’s easy to visit places like Wind Cave National Park, The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, and Evans Plunge. From there, you can round out the day by hiking in Sheps Canyon, or having a cool-down day by the water at Angostura Reservoir. If you’re up for one more glimpse into the Old West, head over to Edgemont for a museum adventure. Finally, if you get up early enough, you might consider seeing the hills by hot air balloon!

Wall Drug Jackalope

I-90 East Region

If you’re on the hunt for quirky, fun attractions with fantastic photo opportunities, then look no further than the I-90 East region. Murdo, Kadoka, Interior, Wall, and Mitchell are in this area, and each have their own flavor of fun to offer visitors. See restored historical buildings near Murdo at 1880 Town or the Pioneer Auto Show & Museum. View the Badlands in Interior, taste spirits in Kadoka, and Wall Drug Store in Wall. Always keep an eye out - this area is home to a giant dinosaur and jackalope or two!